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Manta Snorkeling – Raa Atoll

Manta Lagoons and cleaning stations
A Life Time Experience

Nearly all year around we can find mantas in Raa Atoll. Depending on the monsoon season we can find manta rays either on the west side (north-east monsoon) or on the east side (south-west monsoon) of the Atoll.

Swim with the majestic manta rays on this amazing snorkeling trip. We offer minimum every 3rd day an excursion to one or several famous Manta Points to spot them in a unique, unforgettable, world class and magical experience.

Please note that we are not guarantee any encounters with manta rays on every excursion! Out of our experience we can evaluate roughly where we have to search for the manta rays but there is always the chance that we can’t find them. At the end it’s a natural cause if they show up or not. Please be patient with our guides who are doing anyway their best possible to make this experience for you happen.